Our Workouts

When do we run together?

We meet several times a week to train in different locations around the South Bay (at a local high school track on Wednesday nights, on the Strand on Monday nights, in Palos Verdes on Saturday mornings, on the wood chips on Sunday mornings, and in various sub-groups and places throughout the week). The best place to come see what’s happening and get started with the group is on Wednesday nights at the Mira Costa High School Track (Manhattan Beach).

We work on different elements of training (hills, tempo, speed, recovery, …) on different days and workouts.

Weekly Schedule


Monday Nite Madness (MNM) is a tempo run (after jogging socially down to Knob Hill in Redondo Beach). The MNM workout is a great one, but the surface is pretty much all hard white concrete, so be forewarned (if you have knee, hip, or joint issues, it’s better to stay off the concrete).

Location:  Meet at the Manhattan Beach Pier at 6:10pm by the strand drinking fountain for an 8 mile run or meet at the Hermosa Beach Pier at 6:30pm for a 5 miler.


Track Night
If you are new to Club Ed Running or just want to learn what it's about, this is the workout to come to!

is where we do our weekly interval (speed) training every Wednesday night. The rubberized all-weather track is a great running surface and provides a safe place to train year-round (no cars, well-lit), and there’s no chance of getting “lost”! At the track, we have multiple concurrent training groups running different workouts based on speed and conditioning, and we’ll fit you with others in your speed range. Track workouts typically begin a little before 6pm with some brief announcements, then break into groups to run for about an hour or so, finishing a little after 7pm. Workouts are coached and prepared by Ed Avol, the head club coach. We train most every Wednesday night (unless there is an interscholastic school sports activity in the stadium), so come on by, take a look, ask questions, and join in - don’t forget your running shoes!

Location:  Meet at the Mira Costa High School track at 6:00pm.  There is plenty of parking on Peck Ave. and you can enter through the gate on near Ruhland Ave.


Palos Verdes (PV) Runs (Saturday mornings) begin and end at the Malaga Cove Plaza (on Palos Verdes Drive West and Palos Verdes Blvd). We group up at 0730, make a few brief announcements, and head out on one of a half-dozen different trail/courses on the hill.  We usually run from 07:30 until a little after 9am. Round-trip distances are typically in the 9-to-12 mile range, but can be tailored to fit. Courses are a mixture of horse trails and neighborhood streets, with beautiful views of the South Bay. Hills are unavoidable and a main reason for coming up to run on Saturdays. These are point-to-point and loop runs, so it’s best to keep in sight of others until you learn your way around...

Location:  Meet at 7:30am at the Malaga Cove fountain.


Sunday Morning Wood Chip Trail Runs leave at 7:30 am from Valley Park in Hermosa Beach (at the corner of Valley and Gould) and are typically a recovery run for 6-to-9 miles. This is usually a combination of wood chip trail and some streets, but there is great flexibility in pace,direction, and distance.

Location:  Meet at 7:30am on the wood chips at the corner of Valley Drive and Gould in Hermosa Beach.