Club Ed Championships

To motivate and encourage participation & competition in the club, I announce the 2011 Intra-Club Championship. The idea is that over the course of the year, we will race against each other at specified distances in road races, score the results in various divisions, and award club trophies, etc at the end of the competition year.

Here is my proposal (subject to major backlash):

Competition Period: January 2011 to October 2011

Six Divisions: M & F, Open (19-39yrs)/Masters (40-49yrs)/Grand Masters (50+yrs)

Six separate scored races (MUST be from 6 different races):
a 5K / a 10K / a One-Mile Run /a Half-Marathon / The Club Handicap Race* / The Manhattan Beach Hometown 10K

“Official” races only (except for 1mile & Club Handicap* races)
Eligible times for 1mile run may include Club Ed track times (for a mile), SCA-USATF Road Mile, or posted one-mile track race finish times.
5K, 10K, 1Mile, Half Marathon individually ranked by age-graded performance.
Marathon can be substituted for one race finish, any distance (ranked as age-graded performance).
Hometown 10K is final race of year AND head-to-head tie-breaker.

Overall Club Champion will be crowned based on overall age-graded performance (all age groups, M & F).

GOOD LUCK, and Let the Racing Begin!

*Club Handicap Race is a Club Ed special race to be organized by Mark Silva in Spring 2011; more info on this later...

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