Club Ed Brings It To AZ

An impressive subgroup of our triathletes made a statement at the IronMan Arizona. Over 2300 competitors started the race, and over 2200 finished, with pride and qualifiers for Kona on the line. Here are some Club highlights:

Our ever-amazing wunderkind, Ian Mikelson, finished 8th in the Men's Pro Race, clocking in at 8:41, closing with a 3:03 marathon. And to think we knew him when...

Jason May continued to impress with a strong 9:14 finish, good for 2nd in the M35-39. He was 1st in his age group out of the water (50:50) and finished with a 3:19 marathon.

Bill Macleoud, who all but disappeared from club running this year to focus on triathlons,showed it was all worthwhile, winning the Men's 50-54 Division in 9:47, and closing it out with a 3:23 marathon (2nd fastest in his group).

Kevin Sullivan worked his way to a 11:19 finish, good for 46th in his age group (M45-49).

,,,and Cherryl Rose had a breakthrough, grabbing an impressive 2nd place in the Women's 50-54 competition with a 12:08 finish, leading her age-group competitors in with a 4:26 marathon.

By virute of their awesome-ness, Jason, Bill, and Cherryl qualified for the IronMan in Kona! Congratulations to all our racers (nice work out there!), apologies to anyone I may have missed (I'm a runner, not a triathlete, and I get distracted by all the spandex and equipment)...and we have some work to do to whittle down some minutes from those marathons. See you at the track! -- Coach Ed.

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